MegaMicrobes® products provide world-class bioremediation solutions for home, commercial, industrial, and municipal use.

Biomaintenance™ is our term for the process of regularly applying specific microbial products as a means to eliminate organic waste in drains, tanks, lines, pipes, ponds and soil using a natural process that is cost-effective, safe, and good for the environment.

Does biomaintenance work? Yes! It turns out that nature’s method is not only the most effective for breaking down fats, oil and grease – but it vastly reduces the costs associated with frequent maintenance to physically clear backups, repair pumps, and remove foul-smelling, unhealthy waste accumulations.

Unlike highly toxic and generally ineffective acid-based solutions, our products are non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-polluting. Please don’t confuse our formulas with off-the-shelf cleaning products labeled as “biological” but without the same strength, stability, and effectiveness of MegaMicrobes. All of our products are manufactured in the USA under the most stringent quality-control protocols.

Where MegaMicrobes is Used

Your home's digestive system - its plumbing!

Residential Plumbing

The cleanest of homes still accumulates kitchen and bathroom waste within its plumbing system on a daily basis. This waste includes food particles, fats, grease, oils, soap, and hair, much of which simply lingers and builds up on drains, traps, and pipes. This problem reveals itself withl slow or blocked drains, bad odors or even drain fly infestation (larvae feed on waste!).

Checmical drain openers are not the solutionTypcial homeowner response is a costly plumber’s visit or attempting to solve the problem with a chemical drain opener. But caustic chemicals are only intended to “burn” through a blockage, which treats the symptom but does not work to metabolize (digest) the waste buildup. Plus, these chemicals are very dangerous to handle and potentially harmful to your pipes.

MegaMicrobes® uses special very powerful combinations of natural bacteria and enzymes that DIGEST organic waste found in your plumbing system. Applied on a regular basis, blockages become a thing of the best. It is a true remedy that is safe, economical, and good for the environment. You can purchase MegaMicrobes here.

Your home's digestive system - its plumbing!

Facilities Maintenance

MegaMicrobes® can literally save thousands of dollars per year in costs associated with clearing drains and building stacks from accumulations of fats, grease and oils. We recently published a case study showing how one condominium complex in Denver has all but eliminated ongoing plumbing and jetting costs to the tune of over $14,000 annually for three buildings.

Types of facilities benefitting from a MegaMicrobes biomaintenance program include all types of multi-unit residential locations, commercial office buildings, factory floors, clinics, correctional units, schools and many others. In fact, any type of facility that depends on free-flowing water drainage, maintaining a healthy and odor-free living or work space, and reducing environmental pollution should be implementing biomaintenance as part of their operations.

Your home's digestive system - its plumbing!

Food & Beverage

Even the cleanest looking kitchen produces waste that can lead to unsavory backups and potentially harm the local water supply with unfiltered fats, oils, and grease (FOG waste) that gets past grease traps and drains.  Many municipalities are ramping up their codes and enforcement to better address the growing problem of FOG waste produced in commercial and insitutional kitchens.

A process of applied biomaintenance with MegaMicrobes® formula is an effective and economical solution for mitigating FOG waste and reducing the headaches associated with that waste. It is also reduces the need for expensive service calls. MegaMicrobes Liquid is ideal for daily treatment of grease traps – it will help keep solid waste liquified by metabolizing it, NOT by emulsification which merely separate the waste and lets it out into the local sewers. This is a truly green solution that will help restaurants avoid liability and regulatory fines and promote effective environmental practices in their communities.

Sugar residue can also be a big headache; MegaMicrobes Beverage Line Cleaner keeps drink dispener drains flowing residue-free and reduces expensive maintenance and loss of sales due to downtime.


Your home's digestive system - its plumbing!

Septic Systems

Septic tanks are designed to allow naturally occuring bacteria and enzymes to degrade black water waste into water, carbon dioxide and some mineral matter that is then safe to release into surrounding soil. However, in most cases, the uses of anti-bacterial chemcials, soaps, detergents preservatives etc. as well an excessive quantity of waste will work against the natural process. This leads to waste solidification which in turn causes backups, odors and and ultimately system failure which is both a health and environmental hazard.

Physical pumping may be a necessary expense to clear out solids, but the regular addition of powerful, friendly microbials will reduce the need for pumping and keep septic systems trouble-free over many years. MegaMicrobes formulas contain many times more friendly bacteria cells than most other products advertised for this purpose.

Areas of land used for septic release, commonly called leach fields, can also become saturated with waste and unusable for normal water processing. A program of biomaintenance can restore these fields in a matter of weeks, through daily application of MegaMicrobes, in either bulk powder form or using the liquid with a sprayer.

Save time and money, and protect your septic system investment with regular application of MegaMicrobes, the best product in its class.


Holding Tanks & Lift Pumps

MegaMicrobes® offers a superior bioremediation for black water holding tanks, whether in marine, vehicle or even portable toilet applications. The high friendly bacterial content in our products will accelerate solid waste digestion and quickly eliminate odors more effectively than most products that may be specifically labeled for this purpose, but which do not match up in biological composition.

Lift stations and pumps that move temporarily stored black water to the level of local sewer lines also suffer from waste buildup on pump sensors that can have the pumps either fail to activate or not shut-off. Applying effective biological treatment to pump mechanisms and tank waste solves the problem handily, which is why Liberty Pumps and other manufacturers specify patented MegaMicrobes Liquid for this purpose. The photo below shows the full restoration of a lift pump in less than a month using MegaMicrobes liquid.

Cleaning lift stations with MegaMicrobes Liquid

Agricultural & Livestock Waste

MegaMicrobes is highly effective at reducing animal waste material that has overwhelmed soil or pond water. It can be used as natural accelerant for composting piles, and even aid in decomposition of carcass material.  High ammonia concentrations a special concern in livestock waste areas, and our special blend AmmonioxTM which specifically provides cold-weather degradation of ammonia concentration through natural digestion of nitrogen.

Please contact NeoLogic for special formulas and recommendations for application.



Featured Products

MegaMicrobes® Dry All-Natural Drain & Septic Tank Cleaner
Loaded with up to 1 billion CFU/gram of friendly bacillus bacteria cultivated specifically for organic waste digestion, combined with multiple enzymes to accelerate waste breakdown. Industrial-strength for commercial use but completely non-toxic, safe, and effective for home and recreational applications. Available in 2-lb jars and 25-lb buckets, with a dry shelf life of two years.

General Information
Friendly bacteria & enzymes activated on hydration. 1 tablespoon in a pint of water is a standard drain treatment – highly cost-effective with up to 100 treatments per jar possible. 

  • All drains and pipes
  • All septic tanks and fields
  • Marine & RV tanks
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Livestock waste areas


MegaMicrobes® Liquid Organic Waste Digester
MegaMicrobes Liquid biocleaner unleashes specially grown friendly bacteria that speed the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and even petroleum hydrocarbons. This patented formula requires no pre-mixing or dwell time as with powders – the microbes go right to work on contact with organic waste. Industrial strength for commercial applications but completely safe for home use in drains and septic tanks. Available in 64-ounce measuring bottle and 5-gallon buckets. Custom drum sizes available. 

General Information
An effective dosage can be as little as 2 ounces, making it highly cost-effective, especially considering reduced service calls and equipment downtime. Multi-use applications include all drains & pipes | septic tanks | grease traps | holding tanks | lift pumps | building stacks | clinics | animal waste areas | compost piles | wetland cleanup 

MegaMicrobes® Beverage Line Cleaner
Food service beverage lines in restaurants, such as soda dispensers or bar taps, are known for the development of  sugary, hard to remove residue commonly known as “sugar snakes”’. The beneficial bacteria and enzymes BLC prevent the formation of “sugar snakes” and waste odors when a small amount is applied regularly into the outflow drains. BLC reduces the cost of repair calls and downtime loss of revenue.   

General Information
MegaMicrobes Beverage Line Cleaner is most efficiently applied using an automated dosing pump, which can drop a few ounces into the beverage drains on a timed schedule, usually at closing time. The 5-gallon square container can be conveniently placed within a cabinet under or behind the dispenser. 

Adobe PDF fileDocumentation

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)  

Special Formulations

MegaMicrobes is available in customized formulations and sizes for specific industrial or municipal applications. Examples include MegaMicrobes Dry is available with friendly bacteria counts up to 10 billion CFU, and AmmonioxTM for breaking down ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites. Contact NeoLogic for more information.

We offer a selection of high-quality auto-dosing pumps for wall mount or bucket-top operations in battery or A/C powered units. Auto-dosing pumps allow for scheduled treatments to be correctly dispensed, unattended, for up to several months at a time.

About NeoLogic Solutions

neologicfiltrationlogoWith the acquisition in 2015 of Bioredex, NeoLogic Solutions now offers a complete spectrum of treatment systems, filters and chemicals to treat water to municipal drinking standards to clarifying grey water as it returns to local environments. 

MegaMicrobes products are formulated by scientists who specialize in the industrial fermentation of non-pathogenic (friendly) micro-organisms whose unique properties can be combined with triggering natural enzymes and biodegradable “carrier” substances to become powerful natural waste eliminators.  Each product has specific capabilities for effectively breaking down organic compounds ranging from simple fats and oils to recalcitrant aromatic hydrocarbons. MegaMicrobes products are manufactured in the USA under the highest laboratory quality-control standards, and are offered with guaranteed microbial counts.

NeoLogic is a member of the AWWA, WEF, and AWT

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Wholesale Distribution


MegaMicrobes biomaintenance products are in demand around the world! NeoLogic Solutions is actively seeking distribution partners to help satisfy the demand for safe, cost effective solutions to the universal need to reduce waste going pouring into our environment from fats, oils, and grease.

Institutional users, resellers, and distributors are invited to contact our business development unit through the contact form on this page to learn how to become an authorized wholesale purchaser of MegaMicrobes products. International inquiries are also welcome.



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